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Cort Earth Pack Akustik-Gitarre + Zubehör
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Cort Earth PackAkustik-Gitarre inkl. Zubehör für AnfängerDas Earth Pack Starter Set kommt in schöner vierfarbiger Verkaufsvepackung und hat neben der Earth 60 Gitarre in Open Pore mit massiver Fichten Decke noch folgendes Zubehör

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Stand: 01.05.2019
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Mel Bay Gambetta Beppe - Beppe Gambetta And Fri...
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Media Type : DVDMusical Genre : Acoustic MusicNumber of pages : 100Italian flatpicking wizard Beppe Gambetta introduces an international all-star roster of performers recorded live at the Teatro della Corte in Genova, Italy. Along the way, Gambetta takes his viewers on a personalized historic and sightseeing tour of his beloved hometown, providing an insider´s perspective of the city and its singularly gifted inhabitants. Featured performers include the acoustic guitar super group, Men of Steel consisting of Gambetta, Dan Crary, Tony McManus, and Don Ross plus a seamless blend of Gambetta with multi-instrumentalists/vocalists Gene Parsons, Patty Larkin, and Martino Coppo performing instrumental tunes and vocals in English, French, and Italian. In addition to 100 minutes of concert footage, special features on this DVD include a video overview of Gambetta´s renowned Traversata Show, a costumed dramatic, musical, and dance review of the cultural elements that traveled to the New World with Italian immigrants in the early to mid-twentieth century. Gambetta also includes a charming animated music video of a favorite flatpicking tune called On the Road with Mamaâ€.

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Cort Little CJ 3/4 Jumbo LTD Akustik-Gitarre natur
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Cort Little CJ 3/4 Jumbo LimitedAkustik-Gitarre, naturDas Modell Little CJ mit dem ¾ Mini Jumbo Korpus kommt mit massiver Sitka-Fichten Decke, gewölbtem Mahagoni Korpus und Zargen, Ovangkol Griffbrett und kurzer 597 mm Mensur. Daneben ist sie mi

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Stand: 14.05.2019
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