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Mel Bay De Grassi Alex - Alex De Grassi In Conc...
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Media Type : DVDMusical Genre : All StylesSeries : Mel Bay RecordsRecorded before a Nashville studio audience, Alex de Grassi in Concert captures the solo artistry of one of the world´s finest steel-string fingerstyle players. Known for his flawless technique, inspired compositions, and melodically inventive style, de Grassi demonstrates his richly orchestrated sound on a dozen standards and originals. Alex de Grassi is a treasure. I´ve admired his recordings for more than 20 years, but it´s his live performances that really shine. This DVD gives an intimate feel for his technical wizardry as well as his vibrant and poetic music-making which make him one of the most distinctive steel-string guitarists performing today. David Spelman Founder & Director The New York Guitar Festival®

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