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Mel Bay Bullock Robin - Robin Bullock - Acousti...
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Media Type : DVDMusical Genre : Celtic/IrishSeries : Guitar Masters LiveCeltic acoustic guitar and cittern wizard Robin Bullock takes the vibrating string to astonishing places with four of his own compositions, artful arrangements of another five traditional Celtic tunes, and tunes by Norman Blake and Dougie MacLean. From high-octane performances on Spider; Maho Snaps; Matelot Jig; and Old Brown Case to the extraordinarily moving and trancelike tune Between Earth & Sky(original title piece of his CD), the slow Irish air For Ireland I´d Not Tell Her Name; and Tiger Baby´s Lullaby; Robin displays the fingerpicking and flatpicking styles that, combined with his composing and multi-instrumental skills, have earned his reputation with such renown Celtic and world-music groups as Helicon, Billboard´s world music TOP 10 artist John Whelan´s new Celtic band, and Riverdance guest artists Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble. An extraordinary composer, Robin also varies tunings using standard tuning on only two pieces; he fingerpicks seven of the tunes, and uses flatpick technique on Old Brown Case and the three cittern (Irish bazouki) pieces: his original The Iraqi Road to Dublin and Irish traditional tunes Maho Snaps and The Dawn/Miss Monahan. Completing the 11 pieces on this video are: Dougie MacLean´s Farewell to Craigie Duh, Turlough O´Carolan´s Sir Charles Coote; Captain Higgins; and Rigler´s March; Rex´s Ramble; another one of his own. Find out why everyone who hears Robin Bullock is entranced by his masterful musical versatility, his humorous approach to life, and the music that runs through his head.

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Jn Guitars Asy-d Dread Spruce/maho
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DREAD AC.GT-SOLID SPRUCE/MAHOAsyla Serie, Akustikgitarre mit massiver Fichtendecke, Dreadnought-Modell- Boden und Zargen: Mahagoni - Hals: Mahagoni, Ovale C Form, satiniertes Finish - Griffbrett: Palisander mit Dot-Einlagen - Steg: Palisander - Nut und (kompensierter) Sattel: Knochen - Rosette: Schildpatt-Nachbildung - Korpus-binding: Weißes ABS mit schwa

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