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Carisch Dadi Marcel - Guitare Classique En Tabl...
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1er Prélude en Do Majeur pour clavecin (J.S.Bach) - Augustura (Vals Venezolano) (Antonio Lauro) - Bourrée (J.S.Bach) - Bourrée (J.S.Bach) - Bourrée (Robert De Visee) - Carora (Antonio Lauro) - Chôro de Saudade (Augustin Barrios) - Danza Paraguaya (Augustin Barrios) - El Marabino (Vals Venezolano) (Antonio Lauro) - El testamento de Amelia (Miguel Llobet) - Estudio Brillante (Francisco Tarrega) - Etude N° 17 en Mi (Fernando Sor) - Etude N° 22 (Napoleón Coste) - Etude N° 5 en Si Mineur (Fernando Sor) - Jeux interdite (Romance enrichie arr.Dadi) (Narciso Yepes) - Jeux interdite (Romance) (Narciso Yepes) - Jeux interdits (Romance Picking arr.Dadi) (Narciso Yepes) - Jeux interdits (Romance Swing arr.Dadi) (Narciso Yepes) - Prélude en Ré Majeur (J.S.Bach) - Prelude en Ré mineur (J.S.Bach) - Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Francisco Tarrega) - Sarabande et Variations (Georg Friedrich Händel) - Scherzino Medicano (Manuel Ponce) - Sons de carrilhôes (chôro) (Joâo Pernanbuco) - Vals Venezolano no.1 (Antonio Lauro) - Vals Venezolano no.2 (Antonio Lauro) - Vals Venezolano no.3 (Mayan Dance) (Antonio Lauro)Langue : en français

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Mel Bay Linsky Jeff - Latin Jazz Guitar - Guitar
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Media Type : DVDLevel : Intermediate-AdvancedMusical Genre : JazzSeries : Guitar Masters LiveGuitarist/composer Jeff Linsky presents an exciting collection of original guitar music, featuring his trademark blend of fingerstyle jazz, classical, and Latin influences. Accompanied by noted percussionist Michael Spiro, Jeff showcases his gift for melodic composition as performed in his unique polyphonic improvisational style. Included on this video are: Black Sand; Later; The Love Club; Up Late; Angel´s Serenade; Hermosa; Murrita´s Farewell; Leo; Casa Miguel; and Pacifica. With a strong classical guitar technique and a remarkable gift for improvisation, Jeff Linsky has developed his own warmly passionate and personal style of playing, blending elements of jazz, classical, and Latin music. Also an award-winning composer, Jeff has several critically acclaimed recordings to his credit and maintains an active international concert career, both as a soloist and with his various ensembles. This is the same DVD currently included in Jeff Linsky Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Solos book/DVD project.

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