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DescriptionThe pieces and etudes you need to develop your first classical guitar repertoire. This book and CD package contains delightful repertory of pieces for the beginning or intermediate player. The selections are drawn from all periods of classical guitar literature and have been newly arranged and edited by Jerry Willard.All the music, in both standard and tab notation, to fifty gems from the beginner´s repertoire, together with full-length performances on the accompanying CD.SonglistAllegretto (Giuliani)Allegretto [Sor, Fernando]Allegro (Domenico Scarlatti)Allegro (Giuliani)Andante [Sor, Fernando]Andantino (Carcassi)Andantino (Giuliani)Andantino (Kuffner)Andantino (Sor)Bouree (Kreiger)Bourree [Mozart, Leopold]Branle (Anonymous)Contradanza (Ferandiere)Espanoleto (Sanz)Estudio (Tarrega)GreensleevesLesson (Sor)Minuet (De Visee)Minuet (Krieger, Johann)Mistress Winter´s Jump [Dowland, John]Moderato (Sor)Nonesuch (Anonymous)Packington´s Pound (Anonymous)Petite Piece (W.A. Mozart)Rujero [Sanz, Gaspar]Study (Aguado)Study (Carulli)Study (Giuliani)Study (Sor)Study In C (Sor)Vivace And Largo Poco Andante (Sonata In E Minor Op.3 No.3) [Blavet, Michel]Volte (Anonymous)Waltz (Aguado)Waltz [Carulli, Ferdinando]What If A Day A Month Or A Year (Anonymous)

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